• Part-time COO

    + Strategic Consultant

    For 6- and 7-figure online entrepreneurs

  • I've been supporting 6- and 7-figure online coaches for the past several years. I've been responsible for everything from strategizing and managing launches from start to finish, identifying marketing opportunities, mapping out new income streams, to managing various team members and multiple projects, optimizing websites, creating new funnels and increasing conversions for existing funnels.


    I fully understand the ins and outs of online entrepreneurship and thrive in developing the strategies and support to make your business grow significantly!


  • Services

    Chief Operations Officer


    As your COO, my responsibilities include marking sure spending is aligned with the budget, business and launch strategy, mapping paths to increase revenue and profitability, and high-level team leadership.


    To differentiate between a Project Manager and a COO, as I once heard it put: "The COO is responsible for building great planes and airports, while the Project Manager is responsible for making sure planes take off and land on time, smoothly and effectively."


    This is a long-term commitment to the significant growth your business. The COO package starts at a flat monthly rate of $2,500 or a share of your revenue (for those who qualify).


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    Strategic Consultant


    If you want someone to brainstorm ideas with, offer new perspectives or innovative strategies, then this is the package for you!


    We'll meet monthly for 3 hours to dive deep into what's going on in your business, your current challenges and strategize growth opportunities.


    Some of the items we can cover include:

    Mapping income streams

    Planning launch calendar

    Increasing funnel conversions

    Developing innovative launch strategies


    After each meeting I'll send over detailed notes about the strategy we discussed so you can have your team start implementing right away.


    A weekly check-in via email or Slack will help to keep you accountable and answer any questions that may come up.


    The Strategic Consultant package starts at $850 per month.


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  • Top 5 Strengths according to StrengthFinders®

    • Context
    • Harmony
    • Futuristic
    • Intellection
    • Empathy
  • Testimonials

    Jamie Jenson

    Working with Shannon has been an absolute dream!


    If you’re anything like me, you have a hard time concentrating with a hundred items on your to-do list. For a writer, this is like the kiss of death! Luckily, Shannon came to the rescue. Now, I can rest easy, write freely and know that my clients are taken care of, my intake process runs smoothly, and the small important details are handled.


    I feel completely supported knowing Shannon has my back so I can focus on writing and booking more clients. In other words, it’s heaven! Seriously, hire Shannon while you can!


    Anais Bock

    Speaking to Shannon feels like outsourcing your brain.


    She seamlessly fits the individual puzzle pieces into a timeline and collaborative project that I would never have been able to pull off in 4 weeks on my own. Every team member took a chunk of the cake and Shannon made sure everything got done deliciously well and on time. Thank you thank you thank you!

    Dr. Sheri Rosenthal

    Shannon has a big heart and makes sure that you have what you need – the way you need and want it.


    She is creative and helpful in designing solutions for any issues you might be experiencing in your business.


    Shannon is a pleasure to work with and will definitely make your life easier!


    Michelle Bobrow

    I would never have launched my product without Shannon! Everything was assembled perfectly and efficiently and there were details that I would have never considered if I was managing this on my own. All of the work was completed promptly, even with such short notice before a holiday! If I tried to manage this on my own, I would have missed my deadline. Instead, I had a super stress-free launch!


    Carrie Birchler

    Shannon is a HERO!


    Like many small business entrepreneurs, I found myself trying to learn and do it all with regard to my online presence. This led to frustration and inefficiency and kept me from focusing on what I do best.


    Shannon was able to confidently step in and not only troubleshoot my technical issues, she was able to improve my workflow, streamline my messaging and provide me with valuable peace of mind. She is a strategic asset!



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